Expanded glass

Stikloporas expanded glass is a white inorganic thermal insulating material made from recycled glass, in the form of small porous granules.

Simple to the present is light to the future

Recycled glass is transformed into white granules of various diameters in the process of granulation. Milled glass is mixed with blowing agents and then melt down in extremely high temperature. During manufacture, different granular size glass from 0.045 mm to 16 mm and more are produced, with a bulk density starting from 140 and reaching up to 500 and more kg/m3.

Innovation that makes second-hand household glass waste into excellent, exclusively white lightweight aggregate. Stikloporas expanded glass is unique in its granule structure. Due to its porosity it keeps the air closed inside the granule. This technology is one of the most advanced and contributes to high thermal and acoustic performance indicators. The quality studies show that Stikloporas expanded glass outperforms most products in its market. Compared with other thermal insulation materials, Stikloporas expanded glass has many advantages. Glass granules are easy to transport, prepare for application, and the price meets perfectly with product quality.


How is Stikloporas expanded glass made?

First, raw material – the glass waste (glass shreds) is delivered to the factory. It is carefully verified to meet high quality standards. The glass is then crushed, ground and mixed with blowing agents. After that the formed granules are melted down in a high temperature. Finally, Stikloporas expanded glass of various grain sizes is packed in preferred sizes and stored in the warehouse.

IMPORTANT. The manufacturing of expanded glass is a complex process. Therefore, verify and claim your product demand with Stikloporas team in advance.

How is Stikloporas expanded glass made?
Stikloporas production and ecology

Stikloporas company sells the environmentally friendly product containing simply glass. No toxic or noxious substances are emitted in the environment from the manufacturing process. Thus, no harmful effects are created on the environment. The company is guided by a vision to create a bright and clean future for our planet, and this is reflected in the works done by the Stikloporas team. It is gratifying that in the production of Stikloporas expanded glass, the glass waste is brought to a new life and thus the company does a meaningful job of reducing the amount of waste in Lithuania and neighbouring countries.

Stikloporas production and ecology
Proudly made in Lithuania

Stikloporas team is proud to produce expanded glass specifically in Lithuania. The factory is in Vieciunai, a settlement near Druskininkai. 98% of all production is exported.

Proudly made in LithuaniaProudly made in Lithuania



Stikloporas expanded glass is a lightweight aggregate for concrete, mortar and grout, certified by the Dutch company Kiwa Inspecta under the he certification scheme 2+; on the basis of examination and continuous surveillance of the original type production and production control system, approved in accordance with Annex ZA of EN 13055-1:2002,  EN 13055-1:2002/AC:2004.

Stikloporas certificate of conformity


Raw materials

Glass waste is used in the production of expanded glass, with the quality constantly tested in the Stikloporas laboratory. Glass waste is collected across Lithuania and other Baltic countries.


Stikloporas technologists collaborate with Lithuanian universities and offer the most efficient and advanced solutions in the field of construction, building material manufacturing and industry.

The experience of our company allows to offer cost-effective, high-quality solutions and precise formulas that will improve the performance of your products.

Stikloporas laboratory conducts daily tests to ensure its customers the highest quality Stikloporas expanded glass. For 10 years, Stikloporas has been trusted by manufacturers of lightweight concrete, acoustic panels and thermal insulation aggregates. Stikloporas specialists work to help your company improve its products, processes and to reduce the costs of materials, labour, time, and focus on durability and quality.

Benefits of Stikloporas expanded glass

From now on, you can offer your customers more while working more easily and enjoying the value for money. And much more. You will create a positive attitude towards your customers by taking a step towards ecology.


Benefits to your customers

Possible construction under abnormal conditions

The use of expanded glass allows the construction of structures even in terrains on weak soil, marshy areas and those with extreme changes of weather conditions (cold-hot).

30% less heating costs

The use of expanded glass can save up to 30% of the heating cost of the building.

20% less construction costs

The use of Stikloporas expanded glass in the construction site allows to reduce the cost of the building by about 20%.

Fire protection

Stikloporas expanded glass is a non-volatile and non-flammable material. Thus, structures built with Stikloporas glass granules are completely protected against fire-related disasters.

Perfect noise insulation

Stikloporas expanded glass absorbs sounds well and provides good soundproofing. The acoustic properties of expanded glass are ideal for structures such as opera houses or museums.

2-4 times longer building service life

The use of expanded glass extends the service life of the building to 50 years, which is 2-4 times longer than other thermal insulation materials (polystyrene foam, rock wool). In addition, there is no need for a major change of aggregates and individual elements.

No risk for health

Structures with Stikloporas expanded glass are ideal for people with allergies or those willing to protect themselves from radiation. Rodents, insects do not breed in such structures, they accumulate no build-up of bacteria, including mold. The building is still breathable and perfectly maintains a constant temperature.

Perfect for designing modern thin and non-standard structures

Stikloporas expanded glass application for acoustic panels or thermal insulation systems works well for implementation of especially thin and creative architectural solutions.

25-35% less heat loss

The use of dry blends with Stikloporas expanded glass for thermal insulation reduces heat loss through cold bridges by up to 25-35%.

40% less load

The use of dry blends with Stikloporas expanded glass in building structures reduces the load on substrate structures and ceilings by up to 40%.

Benefits for your company


Exclusively white, with aesthetic advantage, for example in the production of a thermal insulating plaster with visible structure.

Lower transport costs

The weight of Stikloporas expanded glass is relatively lower, which renders considerably lower transport costs.

So easy to work with

Due to its low weight, Stikloporas expanded glass is easy to transport, carry and apply. Moreover, plastering with Stikloporas expanded glass or cutting ready-made thermo-panels is pleasant and simple process.

Environment protection

Stikloporas expanded glass is a 100% recyclable mineral material that is not harmful to the environment. Stikloporas products are recommended for responsible businesses that are concerned about ecology.

Different grain sizes for different products
0.1 – 0.3 mm
0.25 – 0.5 mm
0.5 – 1 mm
1 – 2 mm
2-4 mm
4-8 mm
8 – 16 mm
Individual grain size formulations



We can mix grain sizes as needed upon customer’s request.


Stikloporas produces 7 major grain sizes of expanded glass. Granule size ranges from 0.1 to 16 mm.

Granule size, mm LST EN 933-1 0.1-0.3 0.25-0.5 0.5-1.0 1-2 2-4 4-8 8-16
Bulk density kg/m3(±15%) LST EN 1097-3 400 340 270 230 200 190 140
Relative density Mg/m3 LST EN 10976:2013,

C annex

0,57 0,52 0,42 0,37 0,34 0,25 0,17
Compressive strength MPa (±0.5) LST EN 13055-1,

A annex

2,5 2,5 2,2 2 1,4 1,2 1
Thermal conductivity W/(m·K) LST EN 12939:2002 0,0767 0,0713 0,0663 0,0639 0,0661 0,0594
Water absorption % by weight * (± 15%) LST EN 1097-6:2002,C annex 10% 15% 18% 18% 15% 10% 10%
Freeze and thaw resistance % by weight ** LST EN 13055-1:2004,C annex ≥3
Undersize LST EN 13055-1 10%
Oversize LST EN 13055-1 15%
pH value 9-11
Change in moisture content during transport <0.5%
Softening point Circular saws 7000С  /  13000F
Acid-soluble sulphates Avg. 0,06 %
Total sulphur content Avg. 0,03 %
Colour Creamy white

* Water absorption % is measured after 24 hours of product soaking in water.

**After 20 cycles.

The indicated technical data were obtained by performing the basic functions in accordance with LST EN 1305 5-1:2004/AC:2004.

Updated: 2019-04-30.

Packing and transportation

Depending on your production, choose the most suitable package size. Available in 50 and 100 litre small bags, Big bags (1 m3) or Bulk (56 m3).

Packing and transportation

50 or 100 litre Small bags

50 litres Stikloporas expanded glass
Packed in 50 l PE plastic bags. 22 pallets can be loaded to a standard truck. One pallet contains up to 42 bags.

100 litres Stikloporas expanded glass
Packed in 100 l PE plastic bags. 22 pallets can be loaded to a standard truck. One pallet contains between 24 and 30 bags.

Packing and transportation

FIBC Big bags 1.5 m3

Stikloporas expanded glass is delivered in Big bags on wooden pallets wrapped with protective plastic film, certified and labelled. Big bag capacity is 1.5 m3. Stikloporas reusable Big bags have a release sleeve at the bottom of the bag.

Standard truck delivery.  A total 22 to 44 Big bags are delivered. 22 pallets are loaded on a standard truck. One pallet can contain from 1 to 2 Big bags.


Packing and transportation
For bulk deliveries

Stikloporas expanded glass is delivered in a 56 m3 silo truck directly to your production site.

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