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Expanded glass
Expanded glass

Stikloporas expanded glass is a white inorganic thermal insulating material made from recycled glass, in the form of small porous granules. Recycled glass is transformed into white granules of various diameters in the process of granulation. Milled glass is mixed with blowing agents and then melt down in extremely high temperature.

During manufacture, different granular size glass from 0.045 mm to 16 mm and more are produced, with a bulk density starting from 140 and reaching up to 500 and more kg/m3.

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Expanded glass Expanded glass Expanded glass

Plasters and dry mixtures

Stikloporas expanded glass is an indispensable lightweight aggregate for dry mixes and plasters.

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Lightweight concrete

For building lightweight warm structures, lightweight concrete with Stikloporas expanded glass is an excellent choice….

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Lightweight panels

Lightweight panels with Stikloporas expanded glass guarantee excellent thermal insulation properties and a high level of fire protection and sound insulation.

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Thermal insulating aggregates

In this case, Stikloporas expanded glass is applied as loose bulk thermal insulation….

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Polymer concrete

The new generation polymeric cement concrete, based on Stikloporas expanded glass, has outstanding properties – it is extremely robust, super lightweight and durable.

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3D printing

Stikloporas expanded glass is an absolutely perfect material for smart construction using 3D printing technology….

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Stikloporas glass granules are also an appropriate product for specific applications placing extremely high requirements on flammability, biological or chemical resistance….

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Construction of warm and eco-friendly primary school has started

Expanded glass producer JSC Stikloporas sponsors public establishment centre of learning “Patirciu slenis”. 132 m³ of expanded glass as a generous gift was given seek...

Stikloporas has established itself in the Indian market

During the official visit on 19 August 2019, H. E. Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu – the Vice President of India and the business delegation visited Lithuania. During this visit, ...

Stikloporas director’s welcome message

Welcome and thank you for visiting Stikloporas website! Today Stikloporas team is alert, agile and ready for all upcoming future challenges. We have a privilege to wor...

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