Construction of warm and eco-friendly primary school has started

Expanded glass producer JSC Stikloporas sponsors public establishment centre of learning “Patirciu slenis”. 132 m³ of expanded glass as a generous gift was given seeking to support building an exclusive design primary school in Trakai Historical National Park, Lithuania. It will consist of green materials such as light concrete with expanded glass, clay, hemp. A unique shape of dome has no angles and no corners. The building will have lots of space to boost children creativity and satisfy curiosity to learn.

The construction runs well
Starting in summer of 2020 the foundation of light concrete was established using Stikloporas expanded glass. The beauty lies in the ease of application. As the material is so light it is already loved by builders. More importantly, at the end of the project the school will be warm, safe and eco-friendly. The coholders plan to open doors next September of 2021.

Everybody needs to invest in future
Stikloporas beliefs in light and bright future. This is not just about creating buildings of new century. It involves something more important – our children. They are founders of our tomorrow. So, why not to invest in better quality of education? Our friends at “Patirciu Slenis” primary school knows well what is important while educating well-rounded young people, with resilience, empathy, compassion, self-worth, confidence, and creativity. We are proud to take part in this innovative project.

Did you know?
• The use of expanded glass can save up to 30% of the heating cost of the building.
• Structures built with Stikloporas glass granules are completely protected against fire-related disasters.
• Stikloporas expanded glass is a 100% recyclable mineral material that is not harmful to the environment.

Learn more about light concrete: >>lightweight-concrete.

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