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About Us

Stikloporas JSC is a manufacturer of white expanded glass of the highest quality, also known as granulated foam glass.Company’s headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Lithuania, in Northern Europe.

High quality specialists guarantee stable operation of factory 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The company focuses on the production of expanded glass granules since 2009.Granulated expanded glass Stikloporas – is the innovative, ecologically valuable material made from recycled glass. Porous, organic aggregate is processed when recycled glass is milled, mixed with blowing agents and melted down in extremely high temperature. 

Expanded glass granulate is unique for its granules‘ structure, as this allows to keep air closed inside the pellet. This technology is known as the most developed one, which demonstrates the best thermo-isolating and sound-isolating features. The variety of fractions of expanded glass allows a very wide application. It can be used in agricultural sector, automotive, machinery, oil and gas, biofiltration sectors and more. Granulated expanded foamglass is widely used in construction as a loose product for thermo-isolation or it can  be used as a component part of the following products: dry mixtures, light concrete, blocks, finishing plates, drainage, products of stone mass, sound insulation products, fireresistant products and etc. 

Company is constantly investing in technology, scientific researches and product development in its own laboratory and working together with best technical universities in Europe. The experience that has been gained allows the company to improve the highest level of technical support for customers as well as to provide the possibility to make customised products.